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Twin Pine Electric, Inc had its origins in 1982. It was during that year that Mel and Marilyn Nissley founded the company under its original name of Nissley Electric. They operated the business, along with several agricultural enterprises, for ten years.

In 1992 they sold the business to Cliff and Chris Hurst who, initially, continued to operate the business under the name of Nissley Electric, Inc out of the same location in southern Dauphin County. It was in 1993 that they had the opportunity to relocate the business to Salunga, Lancaster County. Shortly thereafter, the name of the business was changed to its current name of Twin Pine Electric, Inc.

1999 was a pivotal year in the life of Twin Pine Electric Inc. It was in July of that year that Cliff's brother, Scott, became a partner in the business and assumed responsibilities of the day-to-day scheduling of work. This continues to be the ownership structure of Twin Pine Electric, Inc.

The year of 2006 has also proven to be a year of both change and growth for the company. In September, 2006, we began a plumbing company which compliments the services that we already offer to our valued customers, both current, and future.


In December, 2006 we relocated both businesses to a new, larger, more visible, location in the Elizabethtown area. This change of address will enable both companies to continue to grow as we build on the Twin Pine tradition of offering our esteemed clientele the best electrical and plumbing services that money can buy.

It should be noted that in the almost 25 years that the Twin Pine companies have been in existence, our knowledgeable and capable staff have been, and continue to be, instrumental in achieving our goal of providing our clients with quality electrical, and plumbing services. Our employees currently represent a cumulative of 85 plus years of construction experience.

Thank you for taking time to learn more about the Twin Pine companies and what we have to offer. We would invite you to consider contacting Twin Pine to see how you might become another satisfied Twin Pine customer! Contact Us Today

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